FlowState K2 + D3
FlowState K2 + D3
FlowState K2 + D3
FlowState K2 + D3
FlowState K2 + D3
FlowState K2 + D3

FlowState K2 + D3


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The Dynamic Duo— Bone, Body & Immune System Support

 + Strengthen bones + Relieve cramping & acing in bones and joints

+ Bolster your Immune system + Improve absorption

+ Support cognitive function & overall health


K2 and D3 pairing has been one of the fastest-growing and most successful product pairings. Vitamins K2 and D3 together provide a massive boost to the immune system and the body's capacity for calcium absorption. The body uses these two bone health supplements to remove calcium from soft tissues and arteries and put it into the bones where it belongs.


Calcium absorption may not seem that big of a deal to most people, but knowing and understanding the K2, D3 and calcium connection is worthwhile. Over calcification can cause bone or joint pain with a limited range of motion as well as muscle pain, fatigue and cramping. Calcification occurs in the arteries and organs, too, and can cause heart attack and stroke and kidney stones. In addition, calcification of the brain has been linked to cognitive disorders and degeneration. Adequate levels of K2 and D3 are essential to strong bones and a strong body and mind.


But FlowState K2 and D3 supplements help with more than calcium absorption. To start, K2 and D3 vitamins also help increase performance and cognitive function and support hormone production and the nervous system. Here's a more comprehensive look at these two vitamins.


 Vitamin D3 benefits – Vitamin D3 aids the immune system by protecting it from foreign invaders. It’s also anti-inflammatory and crucial for phosphorus absorption. Taking Vitamin D3 supplements can help relieve muscle cramping, improve circulation, and lower the risk of neurological issues. Additionally, Vitamin D3 benefits skin, teeth and hair health and can help control insulin levels.


 Vitamin K2 benefits – Vitamin K2 uses are similar to its partner Vitamin D3 in that it helps reduce calcification in the body, stabilizes blood sugar and helps support the nervous system. Vitamin K2 is also considered an anti-aging vitamin because it helps maintain collagen and skin elasticity and even helps prevent varicose veins. K2 can also increase exercise performance by allowing the muscles to utilize energy. But possibly one of the most substantial K2 benefits is its ability to reduce inflammation and oxidative stress, which can help prevent cognitive decline and degeneration.  


The FDA has not evaluated these statements, and all information presented here is for educational purposes only. No information on this website should ever be substituted for medical advice. Always consult with your doctor before taking any supplements. 

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